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  1. Andrew this post brings one thing to mind for me …… Black Magic (albeit horrid ergonomics) producing wonderful images and Panasonic with its 4k well under $1,000-2,000, now SONY’s A7s with all it can do. It should tell everyone that somewhere in there lies the potential for a very impressive camera that will do 90% + of what a 60,00/0 camera body can do easily. So the parts are all there. The question is when will it arrive and who will engineer that.
  2. The Wall Street Journal reported a while back that DSLR sales fell in 2013 by 10%. I personally think this was a very well written post. Both companies have (in my opinion) come to a crossroads. The recently annoounced 7DMII is a fine stills camera for nature and sports but thats about it. Its puzzing that they seem to still want a stake in a shrinking market instead of looking to the future like so many others are at this point. Im not sure how sustainable major investment in DSLR will be for either company.....in the next 2-5yrs.
  3. The 7DMKII is a stills camera release to be sure. Nothing compelling for video people here.
  4. "........This is, I believe, the key to why Canon are able to do the sales figures they do on such lacklustre specs and features." - POW ... you nailed it right there! I think you hit on something significant here and I'd not thought of it in relation to this business. Simplicity. C-100/500 and the new Fs7 hit a strong point of ergonomics. Good ergonomics adds simplicity. The appeal of the Black Magic Cinema camera is image quality and price. But if it were $7,000, it would be panned on horrid ergnomics alone. I want the option to go it alone without tons of add-on gear to make it work. Simplicity is worth a great deal, dont believe me, ask Apple with a market cap of over 616 BILLION dollars.
  5. Your right money not withstganding I have no idea why one would want that much money in a "watch". Id rather put the extra 5 figures into something more philanthropic but that's just me. Luxury does create jobs too ;-)
  6. "Thank you for listening Panasonic!" thats the diffirence between Panasonic and that other company :-)
  7. Stop ragging on Andrew, seriously — he is a big boy and understands he can sell and or buy - whatever. His observations are important against the backdrop of the way in which social media works now. Normally the way companies got feedback was - sales. Now its a combination of sales and customer feedback via things like social media. The conversation is important to have trust me. Every company has a culture. Sometimes it works for them, sometimes not. Canon has an old one and in need of updating. If Sales drop thats one thing, but without direct customer feedback how do you know why or what people are doing instead? Canon got into the SLR market in the late 60s and proceeded to be one of the major players in high end imaging since then. Today across all divisions they have a market cap of over 40 billion dollars. They have been a major player in photography for decades and when they kinda sorta stubbled into video with the 5DMII they changed everything for filmmaking for the masses. Now it seems they have fallen away from the leadng edge of technology. Perhaps its only how it seems as compared to the market and there-in lies Andrews voice here. Today, the speed of communications and interactions between companies and customers makes markets move faster then ever before. Today its no longer good enough for a company to rely on sales for feedback. If as a company you want to be around in 5 years you had better start getting hooked up on line. Andrew is part of that culture and his conversations are tailored to that end. EOSHD combined with many other voices give companies like Canon information they need to be more nimble and responsive. If all Andrew did was quietly move away from Canon, then a valuable voice would be lost. This is a public forum and it serves a purpose they way it is. Its just not as simple as one guy complaining. My 2 cents….
  8. Specs not withstanding the competition is very good and keeps everyone ( with the possible exception of Canon ) on their toes. It also means that 2015-2016 we will see some VERY impressive stuff.
  9. Your questions certainly reflect what I have thought now for sometime. For Canon, its the big elephant in the room, is it there plan going forward to only roll significant video features in their C-line at this point? It seems they have backed themselves into a corner to protect their Cinema line. Problem is Panasonic and SONY are eating Canon's lunch in this way. Even in the Cinema line. As it pertains to the question of "........any 4K capable cameras in the works that will be priced within the reach of non-professionals." They will answer that when they release an LSS 4K camera. If its priced over $8,000-12,000 then you'll know they have no intention of more serious video work in the hybrid DSLR market. As for now they have to figure out what the future of DSLR in general is. My belief is that Canon has been a hallmark brand for so many years that they have kinda sorta grown complacent and perhaps arrogant. They have some work to do. DSLR Video blogger Dave Dugdale labeled Canon as unresponsive to customer questions vs other companies like Panasonic. <- on just that point alone he was poised to leave the Canon family.
  10. Have you GH4 users found it a challenge to cut in and match SONY colormetry with GH4 ( Panasonic's ) color? Im going to pull the triger on new gear soon and was wondering about this. Thanks
  11. H265? If its in the documentation, its in the phone you can bet on it. Apple marketing does not make typos. Apple owns and designs and builds its own processor chips for their mobile devices. Regarding the watches, that start at $349 on the low end, yesterday Apple sucked some of the air and virtually ALL the cool out of the high end watch market. Design wise of course, its a matter of taste. But yesterday the significant part was about the re-invention of the watch market and things like "Apple Pay" for the iPhone and other software innovations. Not sure if anyone caught it but this hotel chain - http://www.starwoodhotels.com/whotels/index.html?language=en_US - worked with Apple so guests can use their Apple watch to unlock their rooms instead of a card. Wave your watch past the lock and pow your in. Can’t do that with a Rolex or a Tag Heuer or a Patek Philippe even at $30,000. Thats what I mean by re-inventing that market and its just the beginning. Apple's SVP of Retail and Online Stores Angela Ahrendts (former CEO of Burberry) and Patrick Pruniaux, former VP of Sales and Retail at Swiss watchmaker (and LVMH brand) Tag Heuer.
  12. :D Speaking more regarding the front page of the EOS HD site - I pretty much have the thread idea down, but thanks for the kind reminder ;)
  13. Almost -- haha indeed ---- ......and were it smaller and had an MSRP of $4,500 than we'd be there .. LOL I keep reading over and over in post after post people really want to see SONY step up image qualtiy in their NX Camcorder line. Their not even expecting the narrow DOF as much as the other asthetic qualities and beautiful highlights an A7s would have. In other words a video camera that looks less like a "video" per se... A Black Magic "Camcorder" -- hahaha
  14. "Now if someone can find out how to make the perfect ergonomic camera with Super 35mm sensor for news, run & gun and documentary shooters, they will have a winner on their hands." I think that last line of your article says it all for me. Weather the A7s, or GH4 or 5D, for many people shooting moving pictures would be perfect if the camera was actually designed for that purpose. Canons C300 is just to expensive but still lacks the zero zoom built-in yet the SONY X70 though 10 bit 4:2:2, misses the filmic highlights and other aesthetics people want. So a large sensor, "camcorder" with 10 bit 4:2:2 internal and images that harken more in the direction of a black magic camera would absolutely be a winner.
  15. Back in the day before on line, bands played locally, then regionally -- might be 5 or 10 years --- IF they are good, in time they get some recognition that takes them to larger cities and at some point maybe label deal or an invite to open for a national act and their off and running. Honestly, if you take the huge label out of the deal and insert the ability to self publish and distribute then you have something. But NOTHING can replace years of a true talent honing their craft in front of a live audience, while building a fan base period. Also if we see NEW lables emerge that understand how to use new media to market and distribute and are fair on the royalty split that would be good. I recently saw a contract that was still padded for......wait for it ......... "breakage" ......... as it physical record breakage. That one was burried deep of course but ..... wow!!
  16. Someone I know was hired to shoot a video for SONY using the F55. He used a GH4 for B-Roll and said when the whole thing was down scaled to HD it was freeking amazing. Said both he and SONY were very pleased. Said that the GH4 when the in camera 4k gets downscaled to HD 1920x1080, it makes by far the best looking HD he has ever shot using an affordable camera. Even better he says then the BMCC 2.5k. Since most of us wont actually deliver much of anything to clients in actual 4k. Sounds like a prretty good deal to me.
  17. Not sure where to start here honestly. Both new cameras look pretty cool. BUT here is the problem they have if they dont offer some promissed updates to exsisting cameras. How confident can buyers of the new stuff be that they will be fully supported with the new products they buy, if customers of existing products get very little in that regard.
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