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  1. Here are two quick grades. I have a few issues with the footage so far: 1. Weird uneven green cast (might be the not perfect white balance combined with the compression). 2. The shadows are too far gone (a flatter picture profile might help with that). 3. I really don't like then lens (speedbooster) 4. The incamera sharpening At this price, I'm preordering the camera even with these slight issues, but I think they can be solved for the most part. I'm going to play around with the rest of the footage when I have more time.
  2. All the GH4 footage i've seen seems to have incamera sharpening. Can this be turned off? Also, it seems to have the same sharpening radius whether you're recording 4k ot 1080p which makes 1080p look even worse. Copy.com doesn't apear to be working right now, but I look forward to playing with the footage as soon as it's back up. Thanks for sharing :)
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