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  1. Hi, A quick grade test of the EOSHD shot GH4 rushes using DaVinci Resolve. First up a quick disclaimer, I'm not a professional colourist, though I'm often called on to do colour correction as part of an edit. Workflow - Down sampled the 4K footage to 1080p QT ProRes 4444 in Resolve then re-imported and graded. I went for a warm look then applied the Osiris KDX LUT dialled back to around 50-60%. On the first shot I pulled a secondary on the skin tones to add some colour and tracked a window to subtly pull up the face. Couldn't do anything about the moire on the shirt though - just one of those shirts I think and it was only noticeable when the camera pulled focus. Similar process on the other shots with some stabilisation where needed. On the last shot - the backlit smokey street scene I softened the look by using a layer mixer node set to Overlay and added a small amount of blur to one of the layers. I tried to recover highlights where possible using a soft clip curves adjustment. Overall the footage graded really well. No it's not Alexa and log or raw but there's a lot in there to work with if it's shot well and a huge amount of detail to play around with. Looking forward to seeing some nighttime footage with a fast lens and some close up faces too.
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