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  1. I think you need to reduce horizontal resolution to make the lines roll faster off the sensor.

    Cropping the sensor vertically would have same effect on rolling shutter as doing the crop in post.

    In the end, a line of 4K is 3840 or 4096.... that's a lot of pixels compared to 1920.


    3840 x 1920 = 7372800

    3839 x 1920 = 7370880

    3840 x 1919 = 7368960

    If you remove 1 pixel from vertical you remove 3840 pixel, but when you remove 1 pixel from horizontal you only remove 1920 pixel.

  2. But there's already a clear and present demand for 4K, it's not really a niche thing. Otherwise there wouldn't be a plethora of 4K TVs on our high streets, they'd still be $30,000 and only sold in high end stores.

    ​4K ist just the new selling point in TV as it was 3D before. Most people don't care a lot in picture Quality as they still don't complain about TV Program in < Full HD.

    And most people as well are sitting so far away for their TV they won't notice a difference to 4k, and I guess FullHD neither.

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