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  1. The 5D is completely out of focus in the Lenie clip. So completely useless test. and again. great that a camera can go that high, but if the picture quality is not there how useful is it?
  2. My biggest question still is: What is the quality difference when recording 10bit on a Ninja for 1080p? Is the prores faster to work with on an iMac? Is the internal 4K better / faster / easier? or wait for the shogun and CinemaDNG recording? I did hear that the Shogun will be late because some parts of it are hard to get right now..
  3. Well. It already excists. Not practical in the field but the bm hyperdeck studio pro has 4k hdmi http://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/hyperdeckstudio/models
  4. Did you notice the drop in the cropfactor in 4K? Panasonic told me you have an extra crop of 1.25x in 4K because it doesn' t use pixelbinning but use the sensor pixel for pixel.
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