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  1. It's only overpriced if people don't buy it. Based on sales of Canons current lineup I don't see how you could say it is overpriced. That is the price the market is willing to bare, and people are paying it.
  2. We see this a lot with the announcement of every new camera and I thought it was the worst with the BMCC. People use the world game changer far too often. I own a C100 so maybe I'm bias. Yes I shoot mostly for web and TV but to say the C300 looks 'tv', by which you mean bad, is just not true and I hate to say it but sounds kind of ignorant. I have shot on the Epic, Scarlett, BMCC, C100, 5D, 7D etc and any of those cameras can look 'cinematic' when used correctly, and they can look bad when not. I shoot mostly documentary material so for me the C100 is the perfect camera (The C300 would be my perfect camera if I could afford one...) Yes on paper the C100 and even C300 do not look over impressive, but once you see the footage these cameras are recording all that goes out the window. I shoot to AVCHD and I have seen my work broadcast on TV in HD and it looks great, better then most things I have seen on CBC to be honest..haha. As far as a C200/C400, while I don't have any info saying otherwise, I can't see why Canon would upgrade just yet, their cameras are selling great right now. As for the GH4, Id like to withhold judgement until the camera is out and we can see some solid reviews. I feel though it wont live up to the hype, similar to the BMCC (shot on it one and will never use it again)
  3. I'm glad someone finally said it. This is right on.
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