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  1. Fair point, these things often relate to the potential marketability of the product. As you say, it's ironic that Arri seem to choose the most memorable camera names, particularly given their products are aimed at the few (or fewer at least). I do have an issue though saying this or that camera is not a cinema camera. There are simply no rules when it comes to such things, particularly these days. I also feel the Canon C cameras cop more than there fair share of flack so I will continue to champion them :)
  2. The C300 (not to mention the C500) has been used on plenty of theatrical release movies. By this definition alone it could be classed as a "Cinema" camera; whatever that term means. Since when does the name of a camera imply its function within the filmmaking world?! Is the GoPro only for Professionals to Go use?...
  3. Well said Tim. Some pragmatism from the shop floor. This thread is about whether or not Canon will bring 2 new C cams out at NAB. I think not.
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