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  1. This answer interest me. Could you give a breef description which tool you are using for your first part of the workflow creating the pro-res mov out of the raw files? Thousand thanks for your answer!
  2. Hello, i wil buy a camera next month. I like the 5d since i am also a photographer. To be honest i am getting a bit dizzy with all the raw workflows. I am using the latest version of Adobe Premierre. I would not mind having to go trough 1 conversion proces before an edit. But in the edit i like to have a workable file which i can use for speed changes, color correction, blend modes, etc. Once i am in the edit room i like to concentrate on the edit proces. Is there an easy proces with the raw video like converting it to a prores file? Can Premierre edit the raw files natively? If it works natively how does it work, sludgy or fast enough? Converting from raw to DNG and edit the DNG in premierre, a good option or outdated workflow? Or should i seriously consider a GH4 if i like a simple work flow? A use a mac pro, will upgrade this year to a new macpro. Thanks for all the help, i need to get some advise. THOUSAND THANKS FOR HELPING ON THESE ISSUES. Ronald
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