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  1. Metabones GH4 Speed Booster Release date: “ When the Brown Bear of the North spies the Golden Fox chasing the Pink Rabbit down the Burrow of Discovery and the Earth is at 31.446% of it’s Sun orbit, then the Pin of Withholding will be pulled by the Black Badger deep within the Pink Rabbit’s domain. The Blue Balloon of Revelation will ascend into the misty morning skies before us all. We will look up in wonder and apprehension as the Blue Balloon rotates slowly to reveal at last; .. the Release date of the long-awaited GH4 SpeedBooster. Alas, .. If only permanent ink had been used! Baz
  2. Thank You, Thank You Andrew! (And in that order) I just received the link to download the file. Yup! it is intact. This is a very good and valuable work. There is no question I will gain a lot of understanding of the GH4 system. I made an error when ordering: I was in a bit of a rush, .... Didn't look to closely at the information, just sellected PayPal !!! e-Cheque 3 - 5 Business days to clear? + high exchange rate! I should have used my ozForex debit card, instant with far better exchange rates! Anyway, ........ my GH4 still hasen't arrived yet, so I can still fit in some pre-acquision study. I only found EOSHD a few months ago, I'm very impressed by the professional content and mature attitude displayed by the good members. DPR should nake notice. Well done Andrew.
  3. It's sad to see that Nikon clearly did not have this issue in their sights at all. I have been shooting with Nikon since 1974 both in studio and field. Like many others, we tend to build a large investment in dedicated accessories and high-end glass. I think the two large camps play/pray on this and it didn't entered their mind that in some point in time, .... we may just call it a day and leave home never to return. I bought into m43 by way of an OMD-EM-5 a bit over a year ago. Two years ago this format of camera was below my radar. However, Good lenses, Novoflex Nikon to m43, ..... very, very good indeed. The GH4 or BlackMagic will be the next "lite" investment. (only have to purchase the body!) So after "40 years" of Nikon investment and support, it's time to leave this note to tell Mummy & Daddy; .. I have left home and see no reason to return. Barry Manclark Australia
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