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  1. I did not. wow... guess I was wrong. I didnt think they would even turn a profit on the 750 after I read the release specs. I am a man and I can admit when I was wrong. if I have to. I guess.
  2. I agree. Ask them tough questions. just be prepared for BS replies that go nowhere.
  3. Can we get a kickstarter to fund someone to just smack every single Nikon rep and if they don't like it to smack them again please? Thats the only thing that might wake them up.
  4. lol smh lol. no. its not about "Marketing 101" lol go look at the stock prices for Nikon and Canon. both are around 5 year lows. this has nothing to do with product life cycle. it is plain and simple people are buying less dslrs over a pretty long period of time. And you are right Nikon and Canon arent going anywhere anytime soon but this is still a trend. so at what point in time does a long term trend become the norrn for you? We have a short wait till the 7D mkII and Nikons D750. Let see how dslr sales skyrocket with these. I dont think they are going to sell very many of either. When sales do not skyrocket, maybe that would be a good time for you to start asking why then see andrews list. Interesting narrative you came up with though.
  5. I agree with Andrew for the most part. while i dont think they have to make a mirrorless, nikon and canon are feeling some pain right now. Nikon especially. I am not sure Nikon will ever recover and they might get bought out in another year or two. Nikon stock shows everything and is all the proof I need. Canon will be able to keep going like a zombie missing an arm for a while.
  6. Am I the only one who watched it on mute? Try watching it on mute. its better that way.
  7. I was at the state fair last year and I had my camera hanging down my back while I was having a beer. some dude snuck up to it and did the shocker symbol and pushed the shutter button. He got off a few shots before I noticed. So I went ahead and put his photo on craigslist casual encounters male seeking male section. And I laughed pretty hard about it.
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