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  1. Good report from slashcam.de Here is dual pixel c200 report https://www.slashcam.de/artikel/Praxistest/Canon-EOS-C200---Skintones--Cinema-RAW-Light--60p--Dual-Pixel-AF--Dual-Pixel-AF.html and here gh5 yesterday https://www.slashcam.de/artikel/Praxistest/Panasonic-GH5-Firmware-Update-2-0---erster-Test--ALL-I-vs-LongGOP--Autofocus-Tracking--HLG-u-a-.html object tracking appears to be where the effort has gone and also note, people wearing hoods and hats might not be the best for fd :(, just use object track as recommended here, also, they are still not 100% confident, wh
  2. Hi, Am really struggling with the EM-1, wonder if I've got a bad unit but the video just doesn't seem smooth, have formatted a 45mb/s UHS card and other fast sd extreme to the EM-1 and am shooting with 1/60 sec, flicker red off, in manual mode either Shutter or full manual mode! It feels like its a bit jerky, the footage has the odd jumpiness in stabilisation too? Any help on what people are using would be helpful. Am having no problems with 50p 28mb on the GX7 with 1/100 sec, should I be shooting 1/120 on the EM-1? Weird!
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