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  1. Hi Everyone! We have just created a promotional video for Vimazing - new global social network for professional filmmakers . We invite you to present your work there Cheers! Mathew
  2. Site reviewed by Video and Filmmaker Magazine: http://videoandfilmmaker.com/wp/index.php/reviews/vimazing-video-hosting-site-filmmakers/
  3. PRO features: http://vimazing.com/upgradepro If you do not need you can use basic account - it's free and always will be ;)
  4. Hi! Website is finally online! Feel free to check it out and leave some feedback ;) www.vimazing.com
  5. We will do only moderation, to not allow mentos+coca cola videos ;) Users - they will decide - tha same way like in 500px, Pixoto etc.
  6. Hi everyone! Do you know any website where only professional videos are published? I couldn't find it for quite a long time... so I decided to create my own project. The teaser website: www.vimazing.com The full vimazing will be online soon! Please contact me if you want to collaborate ;)
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