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  1. Yeah that was a pretty lame article over at C5D in my opinion. Having had an opportunity to spend a little time with the GH5, it is already the most technologically complete / best camera I have ever held in my hands for the type of work that I do. I've been a pro for the past 25 years and have lived through film, Hasselblads, Nikons, Canons, DSLRs, Cinema cameras, and more. Truth is you can do far more with this camera than meets the eye, and if you can't do it on the GH5 you need a new career choice. It's quite an amazing camera, and at the $2K price point it's a no brainer. Here is a little real world test of my own for anyone interested in focusing on how cool the camera is rather than technical specs and BS.
  2. I've been putting the Lumix GX85 through the paces... The 5 Axis is class leading so far for 4K video, and the sharpness is unparalleled IMO. I actually shot about 80% of our most recent web-series episode on it. This is our go-to camera for travel and personal work these days.
  3. We all have our wants... Personally I don't want to see Super 35 in the GH5 as I prefer the M43 format. As long as they can squeeze ISO up to 12600 and improve DR it's golden. I much prefer the smaller lenses and portability of the current Lumix lineup. If I wanted anything larger, Sony already has it, but you don't see me jumping ship even with all that ISO range they have. Based on the recent news of Panasonic sensors something tells me they can achieve these small bumps in features. 6K or 8K would certainly be nice as an option, but really if I had a choice between that and clean 4K 60fps or 120fps that is the route I would prefer.
  4. So far my DJI products have been solid as I have the Phantom 3 Pro and the Ronin M... So, the moment I saw the OSMO I added it to my gear bag along with every accessories and the X5. It looks to be an ideal compliment to my GH4's for specialty shots. Looking forward to working with it in our web series OUR REEL LIFE over at http://www.togetherinstyle.com Since everything is unscripted run and gun, this could be great for us to capture BTS footage.
  5. I've been working with VLog and it is definitely the real deal, and at $99 a no brainer. It's a gorgeous flat profile that can be pushed around in grading. This is the first post I've done with VLog. It's a glamour film I shot a day ago with my wife for our style blog. http://www.togetherinstyle.com/stories/sequens-a-fashion-film ISO's range from 800-1600 with very harsh lighting in a dark room. Also it's at 96fps so there is compression, but still beautiful none the less. Color wise it's like having a mini Alexa. I simply used the Alexa Log C LUT in Color Finale and faded it to my taste. Nothing else was thrown at it in terms of grading. The two stops dynamic range is very real. Worth every penny. I'll be doing a lot of work with VLOG from here forward and sharing in posts on Together In Style.
  6. The status quo isn't in the minds eye of next generation high tech storytellers, and mirrorless should be a wakeup call for legacy camera makers. A lot of pros don't embrace change quickly as it is so damn expensive to constantly reinvest. It's never ending! However, as a very high end pro-shooter for 25 years now I am convinced, after experiencing it first hand, that mirrorless is the way forward, and 4K is a step in the right direction not just for video, but for printed stills as well. The next generation chips are only going to be better, and if you make a living with a camera, then it only makes sense to buy the brands that allow you to shoot stills, video, or both at the same time. Also, mirrorless cameras have features that make our lives easier. The camera does't make the photographer, but they definitely change the shape of the industry and how we survive or succeed in it.
  7. Just got the Canon EF Speedbooster... FYI it doesn't fit on the Olympus EM-1, but seems to work with my GH4 quite nicely. I notice the article says it does fit the EM-1.
  8. Currently running Canon C100's, and 5D3's however, I've got my eye on micro 4/3 size cameras, and just waiting to pull the trigger. If Olympus could get 24p and a great codec in place, this camera would be exactly what I am looking for right now. I'd probably add couple to my gear bag, as it would be ideal for situations that I want to keep a low profile in. Fingers crossed they are listening to this thread, as they are on to something great, and could really lead this segment of the industry if they are quick about it.
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