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  1. Hi all, This issue has been driving me crazy and i've received no help at all from Vimeo (i have a plus account with them). I have uploaded a test clip to youtube and vimeo from my A7RII (shooting at 50fps) and have noticed that my clip looks washed out / desaturated compared to the preview in Premiere Pro CC. It's my understanding that Quicktime has a known gamma shift bug so I also opened the exported clip in VLC player and the clips matches to what I'm seeing in Premiere Pro. After uploading the clip to Youtube and Vimeo I have noticed the clip appears washed out in Google Chrome but not in Firefox. Thinking this is a browser related issue, I then opened a youtube video shot with the same camera (one of Andrew's) and compared the colours in Chrome and Firefox and found they look identical! I have attached screenshots from my video and Andrew's video so you can see the colour / gamma shift I'm experiencing. The desaturated shot is from the google chrome. Do i need to change my export settings? Hopefully someone can highlight what I'm doing wrong.
  2. I also own this camera and have used it in a couple of video shoots and haven't experienced the issues you're having. I have also shot a lot of handheld stuff with the camera and haven't found the rolling shutter to be THAT bad. One issue i have experienced though is getting dust on the sensor which ended up ruining some shots and i had to use a blower to clean the sensor. I found the full frame 4k and slow motion to be really good but i would never go past ISO 1600. I was coming from mostly shooting with the 5D mark 3 and the difference in quality is night and day. But i guess everyone's experience is subjective so whatever works for you.
  3. Hi, I know the A7RII has a great 4K crop mode and a good 4k full frame mode but how is the Full frame 1080p mode? Can any users / owners of this camera please comment, is it comparable to the 1080p mode in the A7S? Also has anyone tried the 720p 120fps mode? Is the quality acceptable?
  4. Thanks for the advice folks! I did try shooting Raw with Magic Lantern but after trying it on several occasions i've never felt confident enough to use the feature on a paid gig. I think with new cameras coming out showing great dynamic range and resolution it's making ML Raw video obsolete. Regarding the A7s, I'm liking some of the footage i've seen from this camera so I know it's very capable. I have now ruled the Sony A7SII and A7R II out based purely on cost. The Blackmagic URSA Mini looks like a great camera too for not much more than the A7S II. I may consider it in future but at the moment my budget won't stretch that far so i'm likely going to pick up a used Sony A7S and a RX100 IV further down the line.
  5. Howdy folks, The recent announcement of the new Sony A7s II has frankly blown me away with it's specs and will undoubtedly be a great tool for any filmmaker / videographer. However i am trying to convince myself to justify the price tag (£2500 in the UK) when I could pick up a perfectly capable used Sony A7s on ebay for under £1000. I've been using my trusty Canon 5D mark III for both photography and video, and while it has done the job (i mostly shoot brand promotional videos for web) I'm looking for an upgrade in video quality and something less obtrusive for run and gun style situations. The options i'm considering are: a) Used Sony A7s and maybe a 4k recorder down the line (PIXE5 or Atomos Assassin) which would also be useful as a monitor if i'm rigging the camera. b) Sony A7s II c) Used Sony A7s and the Sony RX100 IV to get that 120p continuous slow motion. d) Any other combo you would suggest around the 2k price range I really don't have a need to deliver in 4k and would only find it useful for cropping purposes. Also i'm editing on an old 2011 MBP which would probably struggle to handle the 4k footage. I'll also keep the 5D for photography purposes as I have an investment in canon glass and flashes. Cheers!
  6. I'm wondering if anyone here has extensive experience with either of the 3 audio devices. They are all similarly priced here in the UK. Which would you go for? At the moment I only own an old zoom h1 which i use to attach a sennheiser lav mic and a videomic pro (which I may sell as the build is too flimsy) Cheers,
  7. The 5D mark II for £440 is an absolute steal as you're getting a really good full frame stills camera, solid body and decent enough video quality. For me the most important factors In documentary shooting you want in a video camera is: 1) weather resistant (depends where you shoot) 2) good battery life (need to be filming all the time) 3) good in low light (can't control conditions) 4) small file sizes that are quick to import and edit 5) good audio connections, ideally XLR inputs but you can always attach something like a tascam dr 70d I think for £500 you could get a used GH3 which is a solid, weather sealed camera with good battery life for £400 and then spend the rest of your budget on a good lens like a voigtlander which will enable you to shoot in low light and with a shallow depth of field. That said i've seen the gh4 going for £800 and that gives you 4k which is really useful for interviews and re-framing shots.
  8. Hi, So i'm a Canon 5D Mark III owner and i'm looking for a smaller compact camera as a travel camera, B cam and for street photography. I mainly do video, so video features and quality is important but stills is equally important for personal projects if i'm not taking my Canon out. I've narrowed my choice down to two options - the Oly EM-10 and the Pany GX7. As far as i'm aware the picture quality (in stills) for both cameras is similar. However the GX7 has a 1/8000s mechanical shutter and a silent electronic shutter (which i'm not sure the EM10 has) and I do like the tilting EVF. The EM10 however has that fantastic IBIS (3 axis not 5 but footage shows it works almost as well). The only thing that is disappointing is the 30p restriction and the video quality/options aren't up to par with the GX7. Can anyone offer me any advice on which they think is a better choice? Particularly if you own or have used either of these cameras (or even the similar EM-5/EM-1) please share your thoughts/experiences. Thanks!
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