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  1. I recently bought this camera over a GH4 because of being able to just pick it up and shoot with one hand as I often do when on vacation, and being able to hand it to anyone else to take my pic without having to explain "you have to turn the lens barrel to zoom". I do wish it had "defocus" filter in 4K mode, and that is was not just an apperature/shutter adjustment. It should use the camera's focusing technology to create the effect as a filter. A live vid/audio out would be very nice, too, but at least there is mic in w/ audio levels.
  2. Yes, I understand the space issue. The FZ1000 has the space or maybe they are expecting every one to monitor audio from a connected device, but that is not clear.
  3. I think it is great that Panasonic is bringing this to the consumers, but why does it seem that a simple mic or headphone jack / controls cost an extra $1000+. The seems like such universal commodity items to include on a camera that they should be available on the LX100. Its not even on the FZ1000. The only way to get it is on the GH4, but then you need to buy a lens as well. i wish there was something in between.
  4. I really like your analysis of cameras, however, I think when you talk about video, this audience may not care about any camera that does not have at least an external mic input, and hopefully audio controls and a headphone jack.
  5. What I really like about the list is that it is not a top 10 and its not a price oriented grouping. There were a couple cameras I was looking at and they appear in the same league which is nice. Its also interesting that consumer/prosumer camcorders don't really appear on the list. I'm assuming it is mostly do to the lack of interchangable lens and the small chip size.
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