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  1. 20fps, 8K video, IBIS... Sounds too good to be true...especially from Canon.
  2. For video editing, ppl can easily go to another tool. For Photoshop users...I don't think so. Adobe spent so many years and money to climb to the top, then they start to harvest, that's simple. I'm working in software industry, I have to say subscription model brings much more money than perpetual model......if your product is good enough!
  3. Thanks for sharing Andrew! I'm happy my NLE software can support it.
  4. Every site has different standard...E-M5 II body is about 1000USD now, I wonder which body can beat it to ground by video quality? BTW, Panasonic GH4 body is still about 1500USD...
  5. Nice clip. How about the video quality between D810 and D750? For still image, it's good to put the high-end AF module to middle level body like D750, but I don't know why they don't give AF-ON button...
  6. I just don't get Nikon...they could do much better on video shooting features, especially Nikon does not need to worry about high-end camera product lines as Sony and Canon. Look at Panasonic, they did very well even they are selling high-end cameras too.
  7. How about Nikon D800 with ext. recorder (Ninja or HyperDeck) ?
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