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  1. The PIX 240 doesn't do 1080p50... With this brick underneath (so SDI out) I suppose 1080p50 / p60 will work with some recorders - with the 7Q I’d expect also in 10 bit, perhaps even 444 12 bit? Suppose this is still to be awaited, Convergent Design may have to adapt firmware etc. - so I doubt anybody can predict this now… Recording with the brick is probably safer anyway, because micro-HDMI being fiddly and the location of the slot on the cam. So I suppose that’s interesting for a lot of users - personally I’m not sure about the brick: don’t find any info reg. weight yet, but it looks like a killer for run+gun / low-budget, with the external power supply needed etc.. So perhaps I'd "have to live with" 4k + 444 1080p25 ... *sigh* LOL
  2. So, doesn't work with Atomos devices either: http://atomos.helponclick.com/kb/article/codecfrres/can-the-samurai-ninja-record-1080p50-and-1080p60 But - as 8 bit 422, at least over HDMI - it does on the Odyssey 7 / 7Q: http://www.convergent-design.com/Products/Odyssey7.aspx#Specs-21
  3. I suppose you can, why not - but the Shuttle doesn't do 1080p50 / 1080p60, so that'd be a disadvantage... Didn't check on the other recorders so far (no time right now, sry) - maybe someone else can have a look? Since it's indeed relevant.... Otherwise I'll check later - I mean downconverting 4K to 444 1080p would really be great - and all the same, you won't get 50p / 60p that way either. Clean 1080p50 at 10bit 422 would be my preference in most cases...
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