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  1. Cheap CFL bulbs are convenient, efficient and economical - but they typically have a lower Colour rendering index compared to Tungsten based lights and other more expensive lighting systems. Just how much of a difference is there? You decide (additional images/stills on my website: http://www.tommajerski.com/critest.html ) Shot on the BMCC 2.5k in Raw mode. Samyang 35mm 1.4 lens with no ND or filters. White balanced perfectly before the same colour grade was applied in Davinci Resolve 10. Debayered to UHD for better youtube viewing quality. For best results, set it to 4k quality and video on a HD monitor. White balanced exactly to the same point before applying a simple Contrast + Saturation grade. Debayered to 4k for best youtube viewing quality: Select 4k Streaming
  2. Here is an example of a wide dynamic range scene I shot. The scene was exposed for around ISO 2000 - shot at 800 and pushed to 2000 in Resolve. It was filmed with no clipping at all - 100% zebras. NR has been applied in post. '> How it looked before grading: '> It is an example of ETTL. Here is an example of extreme ETTR 2 and 1/2 stops with zero clipping. '> For your consideration - here is the exact same shot, but filmed in Prores mode at 800 - also stopped down 2 + 1/2 stops. This gives you an idea of how well ProRes stands up to such extreme ETTR also. Although it is not worth it, as you may as well just set the ProRes to 200 and bring it down 1/2 a stop in post - Rather than film at 800 and reduce by 2 and 1/2 stops. But It at least gives you an idea of how far you can push ProRes. '> All of these were done on the BMCC EF mount - not pocket camera.
  3. I see some of my videos have been included in this discussion. Thanks for sharing! Are there any questions pertaining to my videos or ETTR that I can answer directly for anyone?
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