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  1. i have this issue with the em10. i get nauseous watching back videos. making me think really hard about going to the a6000.
  2. Thanks Andy. I am leaning towards getting that to pair with my 25/45mm. Given I can pick up a used 14 for about 150-160$. I looked at the 17mm but it's a little close to my 25mm...Then I'd skip a kit lens...maybe the not the most convenient at times. and would be missing something wider (the 12mm on a 12-32mm). but should work i think. only primes will be new...but should make me think more.
  3. So the panasonic will cause an issue when zooming? I'm hoping to get an inexpensive kit lens and add more primes. But the zoom will be helpful when in other peoples hands. I could just get the oly kit zoom. Haven't heard a whole lot about the ez. Seems like the 14-42 ii panasonic might be a good buy
  4. very tempted by the panasonic 12-32mm...the price is steep for a kit lens.
  5. I am actually looking at that Panny. Especially if i can pick one up cheap (maybe even used). Do you know if there are any in camera corrections panasonic makes that would have issues on an OMD em10? The 14-140mm gets pretty big to be honest. I think down the road i'd add a Oly 40-150 (if i need the reach).
  6. So I purchased the em10. I like it. I also got the Oly 25mm, which is super nice. I'm trying to figure out what is optimal to shoot (casual) video. With the 25mm I do have to move closer/further obviously. The Oly 12-40 is out of budget. I could get a zoom kit lens, but I'm not sure how good that will turn out...given how slow it gets zoomed in anyways. Maybe my feet are the best option? Thoughts?
  7. I think i'm coming to the conclusion that for my simple home use...not having the IBIS might be detrimental if not using OIS all the time.
  8. I'd love to see that side by side as well. Debating the 2 same cameras...
  9. GX7 makes the most sense to me. The only question is if i wanted to shoot hand held w a prime (and no IBIS for video) what needs to be done in PP to stabilize it. I want to see how cumbersome that will be.
  10. i've been seeing some sample videos of the em10 using the ibis...it looks way smoother than when it's off. with the gx7 i'd be fine as long as the lens is stabilized...otherwise it would be jittery.
  11. i looked at the nikon 1 system. i'm not sure i'm comfortable with where it's at right now. I also looked at the nex/fuji lines too. i think for size vs capabilities the m43 system is the most ideal medium. the em10/gx7 seem like my final 2 choices. i really need to decide and move on lol
  12. the wife hates sony cameras apparently...rules them out. she was very happy when i sent back the rx100ii.
  13. when i did have the rx100ii the video was super smooth and could see the steady shot symbol pop up. hmmm...fuzzynormal has thrown a small monkey wrench in ;) might be back to the em10 vs gx7 debate...albeit the IBIS is not probably going to help me on stills for the most part. only in video...i have a tiny one who even know barely sits still.
  14. i think the gx7 gives me superior video but bigger form factor. em10 would have better OOC Jpegs for stills. i don't plan to do long zooms...maybe when she starts in school/plays/sports, but that's 4-6 years away (7 months now)...so by then i'm sure i'll have a new camera.
  15. Thanks Matt. I have briefly held one. The body + lens would make it pretty good sized. The m43 seems to be a happy medium. GM1/GX7 low light given I'd prefer not to use flash with the baby are my leaders. GM1 if I had a second body...the flash sync makes it tough for day fill usage. so the gx7 seems to be where i'm leaning. going to the store for one final holding session. make sure i kick the tires thoroughly. the e-m10 would be my 2nd choice, but i'd have to wait another 1.5 weeks to get one...
  16. Thanks Matt...and congrats! We have a little girl...most amazing experience I've ever gone through. I've been doing research and the GM1/GX7 video should be very close (and based on the EOSHD charts) and pretty darn good. I too had a Canon T3i and sold it a few months ago. It didn't have nice video at all and it was getting too large for us to carry around. hence it was at home gathering dust. I bought/returned a rx100ii...wife hated the photo output and the 1/30 auto shutter speed. I mean she's a PS person and on full auto she couldn't do better than her iPhone. So it went back. And truthfully I figured any other camera would be ok in a PS full auto any ways for her. so Canon and Sony are out for me at this point. Looked at the Nikon D5300 and could pick up a few cheap primes (less than MFT lenses), but the size might put us back to a paper weight. The price point of the Olympus e-m10 looks interesting, but seems like a step down from the GX7. The JPEG stills have an advantage with the Oly and the smaller kit lens. I would probably do body only on the GX7 and pick up a smaller kit lens (GM1 kit lens) later. I think GM1 I'd have to rule out for now...this is going to be the only camera body for a while so the tilt, panorama, better video, and EVF all will come in handy later. not huge on EVF or viewfinders due to my glasses ;)
  17. I've asked over at DPR for some feedback on cameras i'm considering...they are great with the stills side, but video not as strong. I'm a new father and take a mix of video and photos. I'm never going to produce a masterpiece video, but in due time i'll compile a video as i get more and more video/snippets of her. so when i hear about ibis/ois and video i get worried about the impact. i tried an rx100ii and just didn't like the camera. great video, stills i didn't like. i'm on to realizing i'm gonna invest a bit into a system - GX7, GM1, E-M10. This will be my only body. I plan on adding 1 or 2 primes (45mm/1.8 + one more). I know you guys are pretty high in skill...I'm just getting confused about this darn ibis need/benefits. then the trade-off when you get the stills involved...driving myself nuts.
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