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  1. ‚ÄčI did and I found it irrelevant. What was done was just poor management and lack of common sense. Using Political correctness as a false cause, and a loaded question. And what's with the name calling?
  2. I was specifically for what constitutes as comedy and bullying and political correctness. The "It's funny because it's racist" thing is what was said on Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe on Jeremy Clarkson. In the article Andrew misses the mark about the "special needs" and the critics of the show of Top Gear... actually some do watch the show and it's not to do with political correctness censoring the creativity of the show... it's about calling him out for being a terrible human being. [as I said Brooker and Coogan do brilliantly]
  3. I've got to say I feel uneasy with with Andrew's implication that minorities are to blame, that the BBC are too easy to fall under political correctness. This is dangerous territory here... I must say some of Jeremy Clarkson's work is entertaining, much like I find Stephen Colbert's right wing character entertaining. And fast cars are always cool to see. As to the above point - I would say Andrew's post is nothing like Charlie Brooker, because that guy is a champion for the minorities (as comedy should be uphill battle) and because of the good points Jimmy and Philip laid out. If we're talking about some of Clarkson's humour, Brooker (and Steve Coogan) has already picked it apart as mostly bullying rather than comedy; "Haha it's funny because it's racist." - on point wit. But let's not get confused here... this isn't to do political correctness. This is to do with Clarkson possibly being unpleasant, overstepping the line and possibly punching someone.
  4. Ahah naw dude, these film festivals get funding and are sponsored with such guys like Audi and L'Oreal etc. These are top class cinematographer giving their outlooks and experience rather than any technical lecture on gear. I'd love to attend this one but I dang forgot to apply last October. Hrm maybe I can sneak in out the back with my Professional Festival Accreditation somehow...
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