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  1. hi Andrew, Nice roundup - and great site and blog in general. I actually came across this camera and got it into my hands c. a week ago at digital biscuit, an industry event in Dublin that Arri were exhibiting at. I hadn't heard or read anything about the AMIRA, but looking at it and the image, listening to the specs and seeing the price range, I knew that this baby was going to be a game changer. For the first time - a real replacement for the good old digibeta workhorse, with the same best-you-can-get usage ergonomics, but with added best filmic look that's currently possible, full HD resolution, no need for 100 bolt-ons and c. one third the price of what a digibeta used to be. They say "documentary" - I say "a hell of a lot of drama and commercial" - and basically anything that is aimed at TV, high end corporate, and we're going to see it in film too. I think the thing is going to sell like gangbusters. Tom Hopkins One Productions
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