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  1. Cinegrain, do you how the pix5e take some rax signal from the fs700/fs5 futur upgrade, it don't find response about that.
  2. Hi, Ok i know it's not really complete but maybe it's enough to see what i film, i'm just have a doubt concern the lut. Also i have the fs5, so i suppose that the videoassist could get the hd 42:2:2 10 bits in prores ? Do someone have test the video assist with the fs5 ? The pixe look cool but i think for the price i will go for the 7q and have the raw option, slowmo... for high end job Thanks
  3. ​Yeah i know but does it not make your computer busy, if you have 4 or 5 pist.... You save time and space, you say it yourself that 4k make big files that's why you like prores LT. But of course 4k is great. Thanks See you
  4. Of course you can downscal 4k but realtime downscale is perfect for time saving !!! Ed david, you have a fs7, you can plug the 7q+ directly on it because i read that you need the extension do use the 7q+ with fs7. Thanks !!!
  5. Hi, The 7q have also the 4k to HD prores, which is clearly a good option to have the best hd image. Not much people need the 4k. I talk to atomos (which look very good too) but it don't do that. Does someone know if the fs7 need the extension unit to work with the 7q or 7q only can work ? Thanks men
  6. Hi, Can someone can tell us how is the fs7 compare to fs700, fs700 + 7q ? Also comapre some camera in the same price rnage like c100 ? Thanks
  7. Hi guys, What is the best way please to convert the gh4 4k to 1080p 4:2:2 10 bits on pc ? Thanks
  8. Hi Andrew, Look very interesting. Im' interested in the ninja star or shogun. Just to understand : are you sure it downscale from 4k so it's like 7q on fs700 ? so we obtain a downscale hd image better than the original hd image ? The ninja star do that too ? Thanks
  9. Hi, Does someone can tell me how was the gh4 vs gh3 when both are in 1080p, not downscaling form 4k ? Are the gh4 is better rresolution, dynamic range ? Thanks
  10. Hi, Do you think there is a difference in the files quality between a prores hq 4:2:2 converted from raw files and a the same prores converted with atomos blade ? I know wa can't do this due to the hdmi of the 5d but just an interoogation on other camera which can do this. Thanks
  11. Hi, Good questions : is it possible to capture prores 4:2:2 with hyperdeck shuttle 2 ? It cost only 400$, it will be great option. Thanks !!!
  12. Yeah, don't undersand german.... can you tell us what they say about fs700 ? Thanks
  13. Thanks vesku, someone have an idea what was the score of the fs700 and new gm1 with the same global rating (Resolution, Low light – 5Dynamic range – 8Colour – 9Moire & aliasing Handling – 8) there is in this test ? Thanks
  14. Hi, In your test, you talk about resolution, it's the level of detail... is it the sharpenees too when you talk about this Andrew ? Because the gh3 seems to be more sharp than the other in the video i saw but have lower resolution on your test... let me know please
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