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  1. You have no ideal what you are talking about, the size of the sensor ddoe not equate cinema cinema quality image, that has more to do with dynamic range and uncompressed color gamut . Also the sharpness is not a downside, alot of the footage you see depends on types of lens used. You brag about owning Zeiss when any true film make knows that Cooke or old nikon lens would suit an image better than a zeiss lens when it comes to contrast, do your research before making comments that you know nothing about.
  2. ALL nikons seems to be paired with ugly yellow tint, its terrible, The D800 is indeed capable of great images, they rival pics coming off a hassleblad, but there needs a possible raw hack for video does not seem possible, even with mbit hack video is improved, but still not worthy of true cinema camera, i know that it has been used on several tv show sets but still not convinced on this camera for video unless raw is eventually provided at 14 bits.
  3. STOP IT!!! Andrew i enjoy coming to this site and find it very informative at times, but to say that the d800 with 50mbit or even external video is close to Magic Lantern RAW on mark 2 or 3 is absolutely absurd, stop it. There is no way that an 8bit camera especially the nikon d800 cabale of producing anything close to raw 14 bit footage, yes under good lighting conditions the d800 produces a decent image but decent at best.
  4. Yes but if im not mistaken , you cannot send most features Indies to film festivals in 30p , 24fps is very essential
  5. Does anyone know of a good program that can change frame rates from 30fps 24fps without artifacts or changing speed of film basically converting em1 footage into a 24fps
  6. Andrew this thanks for info , what lens work with video stabilisation is it Panasonic or Olympus with ois or is it any 4/3rd lens. Also is it true that any lens such as nikon can autofocus for stills. People also forget how it had water proof body . Only drawback is no 24fps and it is also a rather big camera , it is size of 5d or Nikon which defeats purpose if 4/3rds camera.
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