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  1. Here is a supercell in 4k I found: (will say the despite retaining highlights and looking natural, the storms would've looked more spectacular with better contrast, would pop a lot more. )
  2. No doubt. Landscape photography is my passion and I've been shooting raw for a number of years now. I remember when I first shot video of a DSLR, naively thinking that I'd be getting all of the sensors dynamic range. Imagine this:
  3. So this is interesting. Blackmagic hyperdeck shuttle 2 offers different qualities of prores. 220mbs,145,101, and 44mbps approximately. At low end you're getting file sizes near what you would with gh3 and quality, I'd think, that should be comparable. Plus you have all the other options for higher quality plus raw. (on an awesome sensor) The hyperdeck shuttle is pretty affordable too, at only 350 or so. This puts the pocket camera back in play. (I've already found a 6hr battery source) The question then becomes... how economic is it to make the setup ergonomically suitable with
  4. Ergonomics require that you buy some tools that allow it to be a handheld. Honestly, I don't see how it's not much different than a dslr -- especially the pocket version -- if you just pimp it out a bit. (cage, handles, etc) The killer part, though, is the storage. Especially with the pocket, which actually has decent hand-held functionality. I mean, if the blackmagic pocket had the ability to hold lots of recorded data, and the data wasn't so large, that'd be one thing. But not the case. (there are some good battery options since it'll take external power) Hell, I'd probably be up for
  5. Probably a good idea to have one weather resistant zoom. Image the whole system is compromised if one piece isn't weather resistant. Anybody used video autofocus at all with any of the zooms? I wouldn't use it for critical things, but it'd be nice for the in-the-car junk and other odd-ball shots. Is it usable? Also. . . does the camera do a good job adjusting exposure while zooming variable lenses? (I'd be surprised if it did, but) Think my plan of action would be to get one good all around zoom and then a metabones adapter. That way my 14 2.8 and 35 1.4 would turn into (approx) 20mm f2
  6. So, looking at the footage from the gh3 on vimeo. Some really sharp stuff, like it a lot. This may be my most painless option. Looks to be way ahead of anything from the rx10. (think you're going to have to use hdmi out to get anywhere near high quality there) The 14-140 is a pretty good range, actually, and is cheap. If it's good enough, that could work. Is this one halfway sharp and OK in distortion? Maybe that and a fast/wide prime. (my fast nikon lenses wouldn't be that wide)
  7. Thanks for the thoughts. I haven't read extensively about the gh3, but would consider it. Know it's probably the top DSLR offering, if I understand right. Didn't know how big of a seperation between something like it and the d5300. I need to be able to get a 24-150ish field of view, though, and didn't know if I'd be able to pull that off with my nikon lenses. Looks like there is an adapter that will take me to 1.5x from metabones. So I suppose I could that could work with nikon lenses potentially. Didn't want to have to invest in 4:3 lenses. Most of the motion I have to worry about is dr
  8. For the last few years I've been shooting with a canon t3i and a few lenses. Does OK but the compression is pretty mediocre and I feel I could do better video wise. Own a Nikon d800 now, but want to use that mainly for stills and as a secondary cam.(when not taking stills) Going to sell the canon stuff for a better setup. (working with d800 raw ruined me) I'd really like something that can really produce some high-quality landscape video.. something that doesn't destroy highlights easily. (and I'd love to shoot raw totally, but it's not feasible yet with storage) But it needs to be po
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