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  1. I was very happy to see this review as I had already ordered a GM1 last week! I was also within a day of ordering the regular Nikon G-->M43 Speedbooster when the Black Magic-specific models were announced. As I have a BMPCC as well, I am now on the fence regarding which Speedbooster model to get. The advantages of the BMPCC model seem significant enough to just get one to use on that camera as I was really planning on carrying the GM1 for everyday life stills and just spontaneous or less elaborate video work (so portability is key). I'm wondering if Andrew or anyone else who has now used both models might have some advice: would I be wiser to have a Speedbooster that works on both cameras instead? Alternately, would purchasing both models be overkill? As I imagine I'm not the only one pondering this I thought I'd ask. Thanks in advance for your thoughts...
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