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  1. Rolf - where are you getting this info? Can anyone who owns a GM1 confirm this?
  2. Thank you. I tried downloading the manual in PDF, but last time I searched it was not yet available on Panasonic's site. That's exactly why I'm asking here. If anyone can speak to the HDMI out (clean?) or comment on rolling shutter, I'd really appreciate it.
  3. Asking again. Was hoping Andrew would answer, but please, anyone with a GM1: 1) How is rolling shutter (as compared to other recent cams) 2) Does the GM1 have any exposure tools? (e.g. histogram) 3) Does the GM1 have clean HDMI out? Thank you for your help, Steve
  4. Can you please tell me about the GM1 with respect to: 1) Rolling shutter (relative to other recently-reviewed cameras) 2) Any onboard exposure tools? (histogram etc.) 3) Clean HDMI output? Thank you in advance, Steve
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