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    £150 Arriflex lenses on the GH5

    I'd love to see comparison bokeh with Nokton 25 0.95 (at 1.4) than with Olympus 25 1.2.
  2. Vadim Sukharevski

    F0.74 - new Metabones Speed Boosters break boundaries

    Nikon's focus and aperture ring direction make me nervous because of my hand makes a mistake every time. It's opposite direction of all my Noktons, Zeiss ZE, Canon FD lenses. It prevent me of buying Sigma 18-35 and Metabones M43 combination. I'd very like if them make also M43-to-M43(BMPCC) Speedbuster, I think it possible because it need optical correction anyway, but it not required to engineer MFT-to-MFT electronic adapter, there are already macro extension rings at market.