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  1. The firmware doesn't have many new features, it's meant to make adding these features easier later. BM say this firmware contains hooks for histogram and audio meters. Also say formatting cards in camera is coming. 

    The annoying Iris change is gone, better debayering, raw 4K, etc. 

    This is the day Blackmagic cameras transform from prototypes to actual production cameras. It's GREAT news!

    I agree, I was amazed by the footage of my BMCC before and with the new update, image quality has improved so much I'm more amazed than before! Really didn't think BM could enhance the image quality that much more. :D 

  2. I installed the 1.8 update on my BMCC before they took it down. Seems to work great, a little unsettling that they took it down though, but works perfectly so far. The best part is that the image quality improved a lot, with the new debayering! No more aliasing. Here are some comparison images. All pictures are a 300% crop.


    1.7 debayer:'>

    new 1.8 debayer: '>
    1.7 ISO 1600: '>

    new 1.8 ISO 1600: '>



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