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  1. Are there any experiences with the RX10 and external recording so far?
  2. Andrew, thanks for the great review of the RX 10. My Questions: - did you try the 25p MP4 Codec Option? It runs at 24Mbps. Could it be any better then the AVCHD options? - does the RX10 have a useable tele crop mode in video mode like the GH2/3 or has it a digital zoom of bad quality like normal? I have to shoot a short documentary in Egypt next March. I have an EX3 which I would usually use for that in combination with a DSLR. Because I work on my own in this case I´m thinking about leaving the EX3 at home, save some weight and can use a smaller tripod as well. I´m looking of a capable camera that can replace the EX3 in this case. Do you think the RX10 could do it? In terms of quality: the documentary is for internet use only, no upper class quality required but should look decent. A general question also - if it could be answered generally :) if the camera has the ability to shoot 25p and 50p at nearly the same bitrate - what should I use? The final project in 25p. Does 50p only have advantages if I want to generate slow motion e.g. with twixtor? Thanks for your help!
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