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  1. For the people that have the 'beta-version' from yesterday's leak installed: It is in fact bit-by-bit the same release. If the updater says something like 'camera already up to date' even though it did not update - don't worry, it's still good :)
  2. That's pretty awesome news for canon lens owners. Now I'm not one of those people anymore, but it does raise a question: Does this mean that Metabones is now capable of releasing other powered speedboosters? (within the near future, not immediatly of course) For example, MFT/BMPCC to Nikon? I'd love to be able to switch on the lens stabilization on my nikon mount lenses!
  3. Oh dear, what the hell are they doing now?!? Totally agreed with the article - they really need to focus on their existing line-up first, fixing the (basic) flaws in their firmware. And the URSA? Another new camera? Come on....
  4. This is what i'm trying to mimic with my BMCC rig - It's not even close, but heck, it's something to strive for. If I ever have that amount of money laying around I'd be very tempted to pick this one up and be done with it :)
  5. 4K? I'll be waiting a bit longer for that. In the meantime - im heavily upgrading my 1080p output with a BMCC. When I feel the time is right it should be easy to upgrade the BMCC to a 4K BMPC. It is something to keep an eye out, although I just dont see the need for 4K yet.
  6. Quick, probably offtopic question: How come I don't see any battery on the battery plate of the BMCC rig in any of the photo's? Is it only there to charge the internal battery from time to time, and released whenever the camera is in use, or am I completely missing something here? Thanks!
  7. Is this something maybe Magic Lantern could bring to existing EOS devices? I know this is much heavier on the CPU, but I don't know how much of the in-camera processing power is used for video at this moment. I'm guessing we are pulling on the shortest straw here, especially using for example a rebel t3i/600d, but heck - who knows!
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