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  1. Do i see canon incorporating 4K into the next EOS camera 7D mkll or 5D mk4? Hell NO. All they'll do next is add things like auto focus to video, more unwanted ISO, 1080p/60p h.264, possibly wi-fi etc. If they ever add 4K,it will be so compressed so it doesn't compete with the 1Dc footage.

    But thats just my opinion.


    I personally would prefer 1080p RAW over 4k non-RAW 



    I think its high time we start looking to Blackmagic to answer our prayers for us

  2. Looks nice.

    As I write I'm importing my Capture One TIFF's into a demo of After Effects. But yeah, with sync sound and everything, Resolve is probably the way forward on this.

    Is there a tutorial series you recommend?











    Hopefully some of these should get you started like it did me, there's also a beginners tut on the Blackmagic website also

  3. As a stills guy new to video, all of the concepts in Resolve are new to me. Everything in Capture One is familiar.

    Capture One is solid on my 2012 iMac, Resolve 10 Lite has crashed a couple of times.

    After a quick 5 minute grade in Capture One I'm gobsmacked at the quality of the raw from the pocket camera. My 5 minute grade out of resolve still looks flat and lifeless by comparison.

    So far using other people's LUTs in Resolve has resulted in my pocket raw looking garish and OTT.

    I'm sort of depressed about this camera for the first time. The look in Capture One is awesome. Everything I want it to be. The look in Resolve Lite is meh.

    There is a free video tutorial for every step of the process in Capture One. So far I've seen no proper tutorials for Resolve 10 (free or paid). All being for Resolve 9 which i think is somewhat different.

    I've spent two days trying to get my Capture One grade into FCPX. One minute of footage takes about 1 1/2 hours to export from Capture One. FCPX grinds to a halt trying to work with two thousand separate HQ clips.

    It might work ok with just over 100 clips, making up 4 seconds of footage.

    I'm dreaming over a motion version of capture One, but it looks like I'll have to get to grips with Resolve.



    I too come from a photography background and am quit good with photoshop and lightroom. I graded some of my Raw videos (from 5D3 ML) in lightroom and was really really impress with what i got. But the work flow from lightroom to After effects then into premiere is really long, which is why i started learning how to use Davinci just of recent (4 weeks now).

    I can garantee you the Resolve is the way forward as the workflow is really fast and with time as you start to learn little by little, you will love the combination between BMCC and Resolve.

    Watch tutorials on Resolve 9 and apply what you learn to Resolve 10, it will work.


    Something i manage to get while experimenting and playing around with it



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