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  1. what about VideoDevices PIX E series? BM and CD aren´t full recorder display options. I would like to hear a wider point of view in regard critical gear
  2. I would like to know Andrew, if you´re launching an e-book in regard "open up a whole new world of possibilities A7r and A7 lenses", why so critic with your paragraph "lenses" here. A7r will be a whole new or a nightmare lenses world?
  3. any chance to get a video test mode from RX10?, at first it seems a step forward from dslrs to run&gun B-cam
  4. seriously focusing in RX10 to replace my old 5DMkII stolen, I change suddenly my attention from Nikon D7100 to Sony side, Andrew, we will get a RX10 video mode test sooner?
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