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  1. Thanks for this first look . . . Too bad the stabilization seems a bit disappointing! One other thing: Did you have an opportunity to look at the autofocus accuracy and speed improvements, if any? This was the other BIG headliner for the A7 II - that (especially for stills, perhaps) the autofocus now matches the speed and agility of the a6000. Do you have any thoughts you could share on this aspect of the A7 II, regarding improvements in autofocusing with stills and video? Thanks!!
  2. This first brief review is greatly appreciated! A7R: The A7R would be amazing if only it could be massaged into doing raw, a la the Magic Lantern hack (not likely on the Sony).   RX10: On the RX10, you mention that stabilization is good, but may require some good contact points at the longest focal lengths.  Is there any actual "image stabilization" built into the RX10?  (I'd love something like the 5-point stabilization of the Olympus OM-D E-M5 or M1!) I'd also love to know just how slow the motor-driven zoom is on the RX10, if you could somehow quantify your impressions
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