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  1. I consider this news a great sign, since it arrived on the same day as my BMPCC. Of course, the Sigma is on perpetual backorder, but I did get the regular Speed Booster. Now that we have rethink our lens choices, does anyone know if Nikon's VR (vibration reduction) works on BMPCC, and if so, how well? I wonder if there are any advantages over a fully manual lens.
  2. I am also interested in a recommended anamorphic setup for the Pocket Camera.
  3. I look forward to your full review, but my suspicions about the camera are coming true. I was really hoping the A7r would be better for video. I am interested to see if there are any notable differences in video quality between APS-c OSS lenses and full frame lenses. Also, has there been any further news about the reported grip with XLR? Thanks, Andrew.
  4. Looks great. I have almost bought this camera several times. I am really eager to get a camera, but the feature I need is higher frame rates. Even a mere 60p would mean a lot for the shooting I need to do. Nothing out there now has the codec + frame rate + small size that I need. The waiting hurts! I am sure next year something will come out.
  5. I have been waiting for several years to buy the right camera. No one is making it yet. In the meantime, I rent. I have talked to manufacturers. They have tunnel vision. If one of them gets brave enough to do it, they could make the camera most of us have been waiting for, and find a "whole new market" (one we have been telling them about for some now): and sell a lot of cameras. I do not think Canon, Nikon, Fuji, will be the brave one to do it, nor do I think they care at all about articles like Andrew's. I appreciate the effort, Andrew. Write one to the companies who might actually care!
  6.   This is interesting, and could mean keeping my e-mount lenses. :)
  7.   It was mentioned by Sony reps at demos of A7 that the API (program is here) would be available on these two cameras. Naturally, I do not know if it provides access to how the camera handles the video. If it does, that would change everything.
  8. Andrew,   Am I interpreting your comments accurately by thinking that you foresee the A7R as becoming the best video-capable ILC in this price range, perhaps second only to the 5D Mark III?   Edit: In addition, Sony has mentioned making some sort of API available. Does anyone expect this might pave the way for a Magic Lantern sort of fix for RAW video or at least a better codec? 
  9. Thanks very much for the article and the feedback. It really helps. 
  10. Yeah, I was really excited by that camera when it was announced. But I am really wary of it, given the issues with batteries, software, and the feedback of BM customers. Of course, the footage looks great, but for me, the experience of using a tool counts for a lot. I also don't really want to jump into another lens mount family.   Just for the record, do you have anything to offer regarding how video quality of the A7R compares to NEX-7?
  11. While preparing to sell my NEX-7, I preordered an A7 since people were thinking that the A7 would be better for video. Then SonyAlphaRumors reports a NEX-7 upgrade is due in 2014. Then your test shows that the A7r is better for video. Now I am really stuck! :) (first world problems). In the end, none of them are ideal for my eyes, since I was spoiled by starting out shooting film (mostly super 16), and grading film in expensive suites. My heart still longs for a small camera, prime lenses, and film-quality footage. Until that day arrives (not long now, I expect), I am debating whether to keep using the NEX-7 (and all the lenses I have bought) or jump up to A7 or A7r. Each day, a new bit of info makes it more complex...   I just did a job with the FS-700 — loved the frame rates, hated the codec. True about Sony's codec. We have to convince them to drop it.
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