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  1. Actually 4:3 would or does give you 1:2,35 AR which is also Standard Cinemascope. 4:3 is 1:1,33 so how could it be wider than 1:1,37 ? I guess you meant 5:3 (Super 16 AR) that gives you 1:2,66 but I didn´t do the math ;)
  2. 56mm f2 from a Pentacon 80 f2.8 I should say.
  3. The One with the D800 Sensor ist very interesting in my opinion. If I´m not completely mistaken you could get a digital medium format camera out of it for a very reasonable price and if the video quality will be increased( compared to the not great VG 900) basically a digital 65mm film camera. For Example: Leica R to E Mount Speedbooster on the Body- Pentacon Six/ Kiev 60/ Exacta 66 to Leica R Adapter on the Lens would give you a 56mm f2 lens with the FOV of medium format! The old Zeiss Jena Medium Format Glass is pretty nice too. There might be the issue that the whole image circle doesn´t geht through the adapter (Six to Leica) in the first place...
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