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  1. Chrisso, I think I saw it here that the latest firmware fixes the black spots and blooms. I haven't update yet so I can't confirm/deny yet but I'll do it in a few days and post my result. cheers calin
  2. I got it on the Sept 8th from adorama in US so I'm guessing it's an early one. I did update the firmware once. I didn't recalibrate the sensor, don't know how. I'd appreciate if you could tell/point me on a tutorial on recalibration. cheers calin
  3. Very good review thank you. I've recently been in a trip and used the BMPC. I have 2 issues/bugs that I'd like to share with you and get some feedback. In the review you mention that it pairs well with NIkon batteries. Well I have a different experience. I was in India, it was humid and hot and the 2 extra nikon batteries failed after 2 uses. The camera powers up but it shuts down right after. After several attempts it fails to power up too. On a closer inspection I noticed that the blackmagic battery is 7.4V and the nikon only 7.2V. I'm wondering if anyone else had this issue. Second is f
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