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  1. denko89

    Iscorama 54

    Somebody else want to sell an Iscorama pre36, 36 or 54 that doesn't cost a fortune. For a lens in good condition I could offer 2000€
  2. denko89

    Iscorama 54

    Thanks everybody for your replies. I never got the Iscorama 54 because it smelled scam all over it. The guy was making tons of excuses of why he couldn't send me pictures of the lens and the newspaper of that day, finally he asked about a money transfer to his bank account.  Im still looking to buy a Iscorama lens to shoot my next short narrative on. PM me if you have a lens gathering dust in the closet, I might be interested  ;)  Cheers
  3. denko89

    Iscorama 54

    The Iscorama 54, how many parts does it consist of? From what I seen on pictures before and people selling the lens on ebay, some are 1 part and other have 2 parts? Do you really need the 2 parts in order to shoot with it with a taking lens?   Cheers
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