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  1. There is a new auction on Ebay for an iscorama lens.....Being sold from cocoa beach, fl. Low opening bid too!
  2. Been a non pro at photography most of my life, and dealt mostly doing video work. I spent my time many hours for year as a musician. And yes I did come here for a purpose! Expert advice from ones who know! Why? Some professional photographer saw this lens in a listing I had to get rid of some old camera gear, an Icarex 35, a Selectaflex camera, and a Contaflex camera, along with a couple nikkon lens, and a wide angle 5.7mm Samigon-Glanz wide angle exit pupil lens; along with the iscorama. So the professional photographer asked about the one said lens, and offered me $200 for the icarex and the iscorama. He didn't want the other items. So I then thought why did he want those 2 items and nothing else. So I looked it up! Its like this Mr. Complainer it was one of your own that was taking advantage of not knowing what the iscorama was. And believe me Mr. Complainer, I am not alone in novice photography buff circles that don't know. It be like you being a jazz drummer, and you don't know who Chick Webb was, or Papa Joe Jones, Irv Cottler, Joe Morello were! Life is about learning something each and everyday Mr. Complainer! I did 2 days research on my own before coming to the board. But as in life you always bump into one A-hole that whines and cry's instead of being positive.
  3. Since being a newbie I've appreciated to tremendous help and information the members here have provided me. I am thinking about selling the lens now. Not a desperation sale; but possibly to a professional who can get use out of it! Still unsure of the mounting lens part??? Thank you all again for taking the time to help out a Newbie
  4. Well got a reply from an Optical Engineer from Pasadena, CA. and here is his reply     I have a call into Schneider (they own Isco now) to see what the serial number designates. Have you shot or seen one of these? The first time I held one I said what a rip, it's' all plastic. But then I shot with it and wow! There is nothing like them. I am an optical engineer and around all sorts of lens everyday - cooke's, angenieux, zeiss, etc, and nothing shoots like them. I believe the lens is from the late 60's this is the original Iscorama. No multicoating and it flares beautifully. As for a selling price? I'd say any where from $2500 to possibly $5000 and as with everything condition is everything. The pics you sent, were very good, and the lens looks in Excellent condition!
  5. http://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/3434-looking-for-year-and-model-this-iscorama-is-new-to-photgraphy/   This is my other post with the pic of the front of the lens
  6. I did post a pic, I think in the wrong section? EOSHD about an hour and a half ago. It shows the front on lens with all the writing and numbers
  7. I actually acquired an iscorama lens attachment, but unsure of really what I have? The only number I have around the front lens casing is 4136397 any help on information would be much appreciated!
  8. As I said i'm new, and when I tried uploading the 2nd file to my 1st post it said it was too big. So I just resized it and posted a 2nd time. Appreciate any info on the lens you may have.
  9. New guy here once again to leave another phot of the iscorama lens...any info very helpful.
  10. I've acquired some older cameras and lens's through a friend. But this lens/attachment doesn't say much! Not sure what the numbers mean? 4136397
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