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  1. For big backups, I can't recommend cloud storage, but for important files, I always leave a copy on Dropbox. Although recently I've run out of free gigs and I'm not sure I want to go for the paid solution, as it's quite expensive. I've just discovered Copy, a new cloud storage solution that offers a lot more space than Dropbox for free. You get 15 Gb for free to start with, and another 5 Gb for free if you sign up with this referral link: https://copy.com?r=yx223v   There you go, sharing the good tip...Enjoy!
  2. Hi,    I was wondering if any of you uses any type of cloud storage to backup important video files in the cloud? I was using Dropbox but now that I've reached my free gigs limit, I'm not sure I should go for the paid version.    Especially as I recently discovered Copy, from Barracuda. They offer 15 Gb for free (+ another 5 Gb if you follow this referral link: https://copy.com?r=yx223v )   I've heard people who referred a lot got up to 1 Tb for free...they say it's a limited time offer, so you might want to hurry.   At the moment, I'm only saving the important files for every project. This is just in case my main backup (on a physical hard drive) fails at some point. You never know, better be careful!   Is anyone else using a similar solution? I'd love to know! Thanks
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