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  1. Hi , first post from me!   I have 2 wide angle lenses that I am currently testing on the BMPCC   ikonoskop  F1,7 9mm (the standard A-cam lens)  , I think its an Angenieux , but I am not sure Kinoptik Tegea F1,8  5,7,mm     I have bought this adapter http://www.ebay.de/itm/C-Mount-Lens-to-Micro-4-3-M4-3-MFT-System-Adapter-/271167449658?ssPageName=ADME:L:OC:DE:3160   but the focus is way off, and  I am not sure if its the adapter or the lens I can focus it if I unscrew the ring to hold the thread of the lens if I get the lens closer to the
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