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  1. Sorry.. getting lost in the details a bit here... will this work with the Canon 50mm 1.2 on a mk3?
  2.   So are Blackmagic cinema camera DNG sequences also importing into premiere with this pink cast?   Or is it just something that the ML raw DNG's are doing?
  3. OK... so i'm a little unclear here.  What's causing the pink magenta cast in premiere?  is it the Raw Magic conversion process that's adding it?  or is it the original Raw file created by magic lantern software?   Just wondering who will be trying to figure out a solution to this... cause i don't have faith that adobe's going to go out of their way to support a hacked version of the canon camera.  So is it something, in your collective opinion, that can be fixed on the magic lantern or raw magic end?
  4. Hey.. just ordered this as well and didn't receive a download link.  any help would be appreciated.
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