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  1. Thank you! So if I would import into Resolve but then render out proxies, edit in fcp or premiere and then just do the grading in resolve, I would also need the fancy graphics card?
  2. Thanks so much for the quick reply. Grateful, that there will be an upgrade!   In regards to my gpu, any advice?
  3. Hi Andrew,   I've bought the book and want to thank you! It's very clear, up to the point and understandable written and it's nice to have all this info in one place! I'm happy that you brought this book out so early and a lot could be clarified.   Although, I'm not clear about audio recording which you mention in this book is possible. In the ML menu I only found audio recording under advanced frame controls (where the beep isn't available at all) and when I activate it, it says "Audio will be out of sync and must be recorded externally". So, could you tell me if it's possible or not?   Another thing, I haven't managed to get Cuda to run. I have the NVidia 250 gts. Are you aware if that is sufficient?   I'm also wondering about the issue of updates as I think there will be quite a few changes. For example, the new MLV (Magic Lantern Video) format which already allows file spanning on the CF and SD card and therefore allows much higher writing speeds (http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=7122.0) and dual iso which should be much better than the old ML HDR (as far as I've understood). So, I feel that updates are very necessary if this book shouldn't be outdated once ML goes out of alpha and beta. Of course, the majority of it will still be useful...   Anyway, I don't mean to criticize and am grateful for all of your efforts and with that I'm not just talking about this book.
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