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  1. Bashing probably wasn't the best adjective to use in my post. I looked up the GH3 on eoshd.com, it seems like it surpasses the 60d on many levels. Perhaps my next question seems uninformed but, I am just that so please have patience.   The 60D seemed suited for being a good BEGGINER prosumer purchase and well equipped to produce quality films without needing many accessories. I think I read something about the audio quality being high and the ability to hook up microphones were a synch. I hope to film a series of training videos of policies and procedures at a fire department. I have seen other websites ( like this one)   http://snapsort.com/compare/Canon_EOS_60D-vs-Panasonic-Lumix-DMC-GH3      that rate the 60D higher than the GH3. Just so I am clear that is not something many of you would agree with?     EDIT two questions if you will...   What is the big deal about "black magic" cameras?   Can someone help me understand the sensor size difference in what it relates to filming? I believe the Panasonic is 4:3 and the cannon an aps-c sensor.     thanks, K
  2. Hi there,   I see some of you more "seasoned" people seems to have issue with the 70d   I was ready to purchase the 60d then the 70 came out and thought it would be the better choice. However, after seeing you guys bash it a bit, I am torn.   Can someone explain the gripes?   thanks,   K
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