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  1. Looking at the photo, and the four Allen-Key screws around the lens mount, I wouldn't be suprised if there are other lens mounts available via the JVC-pro-customer-only website.   The name also makes sense if you've worked in broadcast - it follows JVC's naming conventions. I bet the unit will be marketed as the "Q-30", which should be snappy enough for most people.   Iff the mount is exchangable, and iff there is a B-Mount available for it, that sensor size might just make sense too, when used with full sized lenses. ( Checked the price of second hand B-Mount lenses lately? The
  2. I'm all equal parts "No Shit", "Shhh!" and "WTF! ARrrrgh" No Shit, because Pentax owners are well aware of the quality of the glass available for K-Mount lenses, reaching back to 1975. Shhh!, because we also know the prices are lower then anything with Canikon mounts for the same IQ. And WTF! ARrrrgh, beacuse of this,.. This is a totally amatuerish and unprofessional to say or do this. It takes no more the 15 minutes to correctly diassemble the lens and remove the Iris Control Lever, which is needed for use on a Pentax camera. Do the job properly if you must remove it, then you
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