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  1. Very interesting camera. If they can really put those features into it,I would be very likely to get one. I don't see a mic in port (nor a headphone jack ) and for that price I would expect one. (people are complaining about the lack of a headphone jack in the EOS M, which seems sort of lame to gripe about given that Canon is just about giving them away the M right now.   Is it on the side of the camera not being shown? And does it have the headphone jack as well as mic in?   The stabilization you show is quite remarkable.    If the camera can really produce video that is on par with the GX3 that would be quite a travel camera. My EOS M footage and stills have been very good, but no better than a 7D, which is what it really is. For travel I have been ok with the results, especially stills, but would love to have better video quality, which is what I end up getting paid for. 
  2. Well, I seriously considered the Sony before, but the lack of a mic in was a showstopper for me. That it still doesn't have one still is. I ended up buying the Canon M, and with the new firmware the problem of AF (if you even use it which I don't) makes it seem to be a much better camera in the price range than the Sony. But the new Panny you feature today seems even better. If it really has IS and the resolution of the larger Panny's it will be a very good buy. Need to read that review now! As someone who has shot with both the C100 and the Lumix, however, I would never agree with you that the Panny gives us C100 users something to think about. I bought the C100 after shooting with the Panny. It's a nice DSLR, but it is not a C100. No slam on the low end panny's but it's a very different product.
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