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  1. The video looks fantastic..no quibbles there. But the stills I've seen posted look so very flat & surprisingly soft. I'm hoping raw files look better, because the jpegs are lacking...at least to my eye. I badly want this camera but it has to take good quality stills to be a winner. I'm hesitating until I see some good work with this. Can anyone point me to exceptional still shots? Thanks.
  2. Andrew...can you confirm for sure that it has time lapse recording built-in?
  3. Ran across this clip using a a GX-7 and a $7.00 lens...pretty nice results from both. The GX-7 seems more than capable.
  4. A pleasant surprise to note, is that the GM1 uses the same battery charger as the GX7...not the same battery...but the same charger. The batteries are the same size except that the GX7 one is thicker. Great for traveling.
  5. Being somewhat new to video, would I be better off using 60p or 24p on my GX7. Subject matter is some general travel & vacation clips...people, places, things I see while traveling. Thanks for any help.
  6. I see that the GX7 has 24fps. Can anyone who owns this camera offer an assesment of the video quality. It looks good on paper. Thanks.
  7. Thanks. They seem to have almost identical specs, although the G6 has the GH2 sensor. I'm just looking for something on the cheaper side to string together some vacation clips. My G3 got water damage, so I thought the G5 would be a sensible replacement...but not if it's "crap"!
  8. How much of an improvement is the G6 over the G5 for video? I can't seem to find much info about the video quality of the G5...and they are very cheap right now.
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