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  1. Yeah I guess you're right about the troll comment. I signed up just to post about the BMPCC, but then I got mad when he was calling people idiots. It doesn't matter if he "knows" someone.  I guess I shouldn't have stooped to his level and now I do regret the personal attacks. 
  2. He's calling people idiots and saying others don't know what we're talking about.  That's pretty d-baggy for a site admin.  Criticism is the name of the game we play.  Did I got too far? Probably, but I regret nothing.    Really what does a post count say? Nothing. 
  3. Where is the bullshit? This is direct quote from the Wonder post on YOUR blog.    "I always thought it was funny that DIT/Colorist Sam Gursky was the first one to suggest we make a 5D3 Raw short because it was a workflow nightmare from the get-go"
  4. Exactly. If... I've been waiting on Apple to deliver an update to their Mac Pro line for what seems like forever. 
  5. I understand it completely. You promote ML like "RAW is finally here folks!" when it's not.  Even your boy Andrew Wonder said the workflow is  nightmare.  Too bad you're just an sensitive fucking douchebag and cannot handle reality. 
  6. Thank god someone has finally said it. I'm so tired of people acting like ML RAW is here for professionals.  The constant hype is really ridiculous.  It's still in it's experimental stages and if anyone was to use a hacked Mark III on a real paid shoot, then they're borderline crazy.  It's not very stable and with the cost of real cards(not the silly Komputerbay cards, which only 1 of 2 work on average) you might as well rent a BMCC for a day and save yourself money, not to mention a stable head on set because you know you have a camera that works. To boot the workflow is a comp
  7. Just playing devil's advocate here, but didn't USA orders of the BMCC ship first(by a few months or so) before European orders? Also the first BMCC had issues that either needed physical repair or a firmware fix , so I'm not holding my breath the early versions of the new cameras will be bug free.  Specs look amazing and so does the Brawley BMPCC footage though...
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