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  1. I've had my 5D Mark III for over a year now and only recently heard about Magic Lantern allowing for Raw footage capture.  I've been researching online the past few weeks off and on about it.  It looks like this book would be perfect if I ever wanted to go down the Raw footage avenue.  I haven't installed ML on my 5D yet though.  I got a little hesitant after reading the disclaimers on their site about it possibly making your camera permanently fail.  But of course, my further research concluded that no one has had that actually happen yet.   Anyway, I do want to try out some Raw filming.  I'm just curious to know if there is a significant difference in quality.  I've watched videos edited with Raw footage online, but I've also seen regular footage online that seems to me like it just as good.  I haven't really done a side by side comparison or anything, but I have a new film project I'll be working on soon and if I can pump more quality into my footage by shooting Raw, I'd like to go that route.   Thanks!  Really glad I came across this site.    
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