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  1. Ok, partly answered my own questions - it's crop mode that cuts the time off the footage. But why?
  2. Thanks - I take it you mean the button on the camera? Didn't think of that, was hunting and hunting through the menu. But when I tried it just now liveview only showed the right half of what turned out to be the full frame when I opened it.   Also, I've been having huge inconsistency in how long I can record. I have a Transcend 16gb 1000x card. Last night I was doing raw clips that went on for 30 seconds plus before I stopped them - they seemed ready to go on much longer. Now this morning I'm getting 5-6 seconds. Only differences are the lens, the fact that I'm using crop mode, and that I'd deleted last night's clips. Oh, plus the battery was really low, maybe it was responding to that?   Thanks again for the help!
  3. I'm sure once I have the answer I'll feel like an idiot, but could someone please just tell me - HOW DO I USE CROP MODE TO SHOOT RAW ON THE 50D? Everyone keeps talking about it, and no one actually says how to do it.
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