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  1. It seems that separating camera and 4k recorder is a new business plan for JP companies. There is a truth: if you want a useable 4k and audio, you should spend more than $5000 for Panasonic (body+ Yoga+ recorder) and more or less same price for Sony. Andrew, you were always on the side of indie filmmakers and I want you to keep your position, a line of a commend or an app cannot make 4:2:0 a 4:4:4, if it could they would defiantly add it to their firmware!


    Unfortunately it seems that these companies have already decayed Atoms as well. This is why Atoms opens the doors of pro-res to other manufactures and release Shogun with a price tag of $1999 which is three to eight times more than their other products.

    If Black Magic can release their new camera on-time, they will gracefully win the game. Even if they have delay, I am happy with their announcement this time, it will hold many indie filmmakers from spending their savings to some bullshit products.

  2. Thanks for the excellent review Andrew.


    As you mentioned, the highlights look harsh. One of the main differences between film and video look is film's amazing wide range of latitude in handeling highights. Unfortunatly, it seems that both GH4 and BMPC has problem is this particular area!

  3. Hi Tony,


    Thanks for the comments. I didn't think about this option. If I sell the lens, I will definetly take your advices.




    btw, before sharring, I asked for francisco premission and he did kindly accept it.

  4. the baby hypergonar should not be tampered with any attempt to tweak will possibly destroy the optics leave it alone is best.

    the optics are sealed into the housing .

    a few of these have been destroyed during attemps to take  apart.

    the only way is to cut the body into 2 pieces you then run the risk of horrible vibration damage to the optics.

    be thankful you have a rare lens or sell it on if you are a seeker of perfection.

    Thanks for the information Tony. Let's see how it effects the image quality.

  5. I'm all for sharing & always have been.


    What really gets my goat is the idiots that over pay, then pass that on to the next idiot who comes along & then use the trumped up excuse of "Its the Market Price!"

    No its not!

    If you really want to know what the Market Price is for something, then start the bidding at £0 or don't you guys have the balls!

    The Moller would easily hit £1000, the Iscomorphot 8/x1.5 no chance...  


    I've been getting increasingly fed up with Ebay & some of the bullshit prices that arise!

    So I do think it is forums like this that should point the finger & warn people not to go crazy - there is a recession on, isn't there?

    We know lots of people look here & I hope they would ask questions before slapping down stupid money - that's how it all starts.  

     You can not save world with such a language! You should probably be more polite! It is my money and I can spend it in whatever way I want to, idiot is who decides about what actually not belong him with such a none sense words!

    Also, it seems that your reference price about bolex moller is not accurate as your imaginary hints about iscomorphot. Here is a grasp of bolex moller lenses sold on ebay at the last two months, all from £400 to £600 and not £1000.






    And here is the last sold iscomorphot lens:




    I hope it is my last comment on this post, probably there are better ways to spend my time.






  6. First of all, regardless of the fact that I sold the lens or not, I think it is not fair to copy and paste a link from ebay and say that “this is an steal price” As long as there is no reference price, I can buy for $1850 and sell for $2000. I was happy when I paid for the lens and I will be happy when I sell it! I think market can regulate itself better than whatever imaginary prices up here!


    Second of all, I agree with you, you may prefer bolex moller lens or iscomorphot one, it is a matter of taste! But as far as I am concern, it is impossible to logically compare a bolex anamorphot with an iscomorphot one because isco has two distinct features that bolex does not! First one is isco’s special focusing patent. With this lens you are not only be able to rack focus but also can get a more accurate focus. It may seem not important if you wanna take some ex-long shoots of trees and stuff or some anamorphic flare night shoots and put them on Vimeo but it is crucial when you gonna go out and make a movie, a real one! The second distinct factor is that you can get as close as 0.5 meter to the object with iscomorphot lens. You may say that I can use diopter on bolex or many other anamorphic lenses to do the same but how much is an acceptable diaptor in the market? ( I mean market in 2013 and not 90th when you could buy a Fujica p2 single 8 camera with a baby hypergonar attached to it for couple of hundred bucks in London or Madrid!) $200? $300? how about the image quality after attaching those diaopters? 
     Iscomorphot’s image is not sharp as bolex or lomo under f5.6 (and not up f5.6!) but for whatever reason if you say that it is worth to pay $2000 for an bolex moller anamorphot and not for an iscomorphot, my answer would be “give me a break!”

  7. Right, but if we wanna comment on a price of an item, shouldn't we do a research on the sold price of the same item on the last 3 months as an example? Is it enough to say that I did pick up one of those for peanuts ten years ago?

    I did see same comments about the price of a bolex moller anamorphot lens in this form a month ago. It was around $2000 (and it was not my item!) but here people did sell the same one for $1600! There is contridition here I think!


  8. It seems that unfortunatly some of us are trying to downgrade other stuff simply to advertise or sell our own on ebay or something!


    "Supply and Demand", this is the rule generally leads market from centries ago! this is why you should pay more than $300 for a Iscomorphot 8/x2 (and probably much more for 1.5x version) and not £30 these days!

  9. I couldn't see the original listing which Rich posted, but I'm not quite sure it beats this one


    I am seller of the item. I got it for 1100 euro (1450usd) from germany and spend $300 to service it on super16inc. Now, it is not legit to list it for $2000? with a make an offer option of course?
    This one sold for $1650 (maybe without any permiuum service) in less than an hour yesterday:



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